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Just an update on my own behalf today. Unfortunately we had to move the website again and after a few minor difficulties it has now worked - YEAH! 

We very much hope that the next news will be all about Dellacoma again - until then, take care and enjoy the coming warm days.

Brand new cover track is up and about! 

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think

>>> music.apple.com

The tour is coming up - Positive hectic breaks out - Finally it's starting again and the band is looking forward to seeing YOU!

Del wants to take time for you and any questions you might have. Questions about the tour, the band - questions for Del about his musical path... 

For the collection of questions we use Google Form.
The email address does not have to be given.

You can enter your question HERE.

We are looking forward to many questions and a nice afternoon/evening/night and maybe Del will have his guitar with him - we will see.

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