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After several years with a costly hoster, I have now changed. In the beginning, one or two things may not work directly - we expect this to be the case - but in a few days, 100% of the website will be accessible again without errors. 


The old site no longer exists - with this site we present the fan club of the band Dellacoma on the internet. 

The first feedbacks are quite positive - so we are on the right track. 

In a few days the second album with the title "Blood" will be released. The album itself will only be available for download - if you want to get your hands on a "real" CD, you should contact Del quickly - there are still a few CDs to be had: www.dellacoma.com


Now we are online with the new webdesign. 

The loading times of the old website were simply no longer acceptable and so the old website simply had to be revised.

Also, we noticed that the members area was not really used - it no longer exists; all info, bonuses, specials will be in the Facebook group from now on.

For a translation of the website please use the appropriate plugin of your browser.

We very much hope that you will like this new design. 

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